The Licenian Crusade


Port Aguirre / Throne of the Sky Father

(600 + GE)
(All Present)

Personal Cipher Engaged

Subject: Knuckling Down
Cipher-Lock: Sister Minerva de Liire – Ordo Famulous
Thought for the Day: “Purge the Alien”

Upon departing from Port Echo, we made good time to Licenia where the core of Battlefleet Ixaniad continues to monitor the ongoing pacification of the subsector. Lady-Captain Antigone’s writ was good, and we spent some weeks repairing the Forgehammer, garnering new crew from the planetary population, inducting the crew taken from Port Echo into the proper Imperial Creed, taking on fighter pilots for our small craft, and negotiating a long-term contract with a Magos-Technologist Coris, an envoy of the Lord Fabricator of the subsector.

It appears that the Adeptus Mechanicus of the subsector are keen to reintegrate with their greater brethren of the Imperium, as well as to establish ties to strong Imperial institutions. Dynasty Aguirre is certainly such an institution, and Cousin Roland did a fantastic job bargaining Magos Coris down to merely a staggering amount of wealth. Paying for the hundred-odd Tech Priests and their thousands of servitors for a contract that could span decades, on a secret shipyard far from their usual haunts was expensive, and wiped away many of our recent gains, but much as our deal with Lady-Captain Lin for the graviton grapnels, this is all seen as initial outlay for a potential windfall as we get our ship-manufactory going. To defray somewhat the immense cost of this contract, Cousin Roland threw in the xenos device, the Oculos, that we salvaged from Port Constance. It was, as indicated, dearly wanted, and the cost was defrayed significantly. In fact. Magos Coris offered to take charge of it personally and to study it at a laboratory he would build at our new secret shipyard, which we have dubbed “Port Aguirre”, so that we may continue to have access to the device should we have a need.

Cousin Via took a moment to visit us aboard our new flagship. She is doing quite well for herself and I’m quite proud of her. She ias managed to become the power behind the new Cardinal of the subsector, having guided poor Nestor Larch to the proper path of faith, and aiding him in his political ambitions. Cardinal Solaris’ support of her so long ago when he gifted Sister Bast to her as bodyguard has paid off, as she is making quite a name for herself, and for our Dynasty, in the new Imperial subsector.

We departed for our distant asteroid shipyard, arriving and establishing our Tech Priests who began busily preparing it for business. Without further ado, we returned once more to the Throne of the Sky Father.

The Silver Crescent, a frigate of Dynasty Haram, was in orbit and Lady-Captain Fatima Haram challenged us. When we identified ourselves as Dynasty Aguirre, she welcomed Cousin Roland aboard her vessel to report on the conclusion of our agreement with her family. They have apparently already salvaged what they estimated to be 20% of the value of the planet in scavenged ship components, and having secured the planet until our return, wondered if our arrangement was now concluded. They wished to attempt to raise their crashed vessel and be on their way. Cousin Roland, anticipating that it might be some time before we had additional vessels to guard the planet ourselves, negotiated another six months from Dynasty Haram in exchange for us using our new graviton grapnels to raise the Haram vessel once more to spaceworthiness. This we did. Upon doing so, however, we noticed that part of the hull was encrusted with a crystalline growth. Apparently, the shattered Yu’vath construct that was incorporated into the space hulk we shot down over the planet was composed of a living, crystalline xenos client species of that ancient foe, not too dangerous in small numbers, but a potential infestation to keep an eye on. Dynasty Haram was notified, and their people cleared the infection from the hull.

Missionary Tyrian went among the people of this benighted world who we had long since incorporated into our crew and extracted from them a series of their myths and tales, analyzing them to ascertain which of the wrecks upon the planet’s surface might be the most recent, and therefore the most intact and worthy of full rehabilitation. She met with great success, identifying a trading vessel and a frigate of Licenian Regency design, a shattered light cruiser, also theoretically of the Regency, and a frigate-sized vessel of the Children of Thorns.

Cousin Roland and his retainers soon realized that this xenos vessel was likely the same one that the psyker-prophet of this world indicated had been the source of the crystal-wisp corpse, the shattered Yu’vath construct that we delivered to Inquisitor Steendahl. We used our grapnels on the Regency frigate and Cousin Roland and a team went aboard to clear it of potential danger. They discovered dessicated Regency Navy corpses engaged in combat with obvious, twisted, chaos mutated humans in Guardsman kit, presumably of the supposed “Sabine’s Legion” that we had learned about from Admiral Starbourne. Missionary Tyrian blessed all the corpses, Regency and corrupted, and in so doing appeared to cleanse the vessel of daemonic taint.

We then raised the xenos vessel from the surface under the theory that we needed to learn of any dangers it might represent. Unlike the Regency frigate, much of this craft appeared to be reasonably undamaged, much of it still maintaining seal integrity, and even maintaining a low level of power (in whatever fashion the strange craft generates it). Astropath Darrius detected some 550 minds aboard the vessel, and so Cousin Roland’s group boarded cautiously.

Inside they discovered that the alien ship was apparently engaged in a self-healing mode utilizing methods much akin to the blasphemous system aboard the Sovereign of the Void. All the minds Darrius had detected were humans and even some Children of Thorns, all strung up and impaled on thorny blades, as the ship fed on their agony in order to repair itself. Sensing new sources of pain, the ship attacked the boarding party, but was eventually convinced of the error of that course of events.

The party made it to the bridge where Astropath Darrius sat upon the thorned throne, giving his blood and pain to the ship to learn more about it. Apparently it was an emissary of the distant capitol of this vile species sent to find a way past the blockade of Craftworld Aletheia to the remote outpost where Inquisitor Steendahl had once led us. They were to bring their secret cargo, presumably that Crystalwisp corpse, as well as crystalline data storage devices.

Darrius convinced the ship not to attack the boarders further, and the alien craft was plundered of everything considered reasonably safe. I have some concern about arming our most visible representatives with even more alien devices, but can’t argue their effectiveness as trophies.

The alien ship was then cast adrift and pounded to flinders with our plasma broadsides… and good riddance.

We then raised the transport ship from the planet’s surface with no further incident. We are currently strapping it and the frigate, both of Regency design and named, respectively, the Star of Caedicius and the Angel of Tria, to the Forgehammer in preparation for a return through the warp to Port Aguirre to begin the slow but potentially vastly profitable ship reconstruction endeavor.

Cipher Lock Disengaged



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