Aarne Soteris

Junior Navigator, The Sovereign of the Void


Aarne Soteris is small man whose size makes people assume he is younger than he actually
is. Standing 5’ 5" at 120 pounds he is anything but physically imposing. He is 19 years old (and
appears 16). He is a quiet, reserved young man who carries a confidence in his skill as a navigator.


Aarne (pronounced arne) of House Soteris is a low ranking navigator aboard the Sovereign of the Void. As the last remaining veteran navigator of the dark voyage he also feels a certain loyalty to the ship.

On the fateful trip when the ship experienced the battle with the shadow swords, Aarne was
sleeping in his cell when he was awoken by the Master of Servants, Svenya, and nine well
armed members of the personal guard for Francesco de Liire y Corazon Aguirre. He is hesitant to
speak of what he saw at that point. At the end of the conflict and the return to normal space only 4 guards remained.

Aarne Soteris

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