Alros Uxor

Farseer of Craftworld Aletheia


Farseer Alros Uxor is ancient by the standards of his race, although to human eyes his age is hard to determine. His skin is still smooth, and white hair is not uncommon for Eldar of any age. Still, his eyes hold ancient secrets and his movements are careful and deliberate. He dresses in simple garments of a gray silk-like material.


Farseer Uxor is the leader and guide of the unknown numbers of Eldar who live in the planet-sized Craftworld Aletheia, as well as the fleet that accompanies it both in realspace and the Webway. He knows secrets of the Licenian subsector and is not afraid to parcel them out if he feels he can gain some advantage in doing so. He recognizes that his people are dying, that his Craftworld is sparsely inhabited, and that he needs allies wherever he can get them.

Nevertheless, he is an Eldar, and for all his kindly-uncle facade, his mind is an alien thing beyond the comprehension of humans.

Alros Uxor

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