Arch-Missionary Vargas Lin

Historical Arch-Missionary of the Licenian Subsector


The Sovereign of the Void has yet to encounter an accurate depiction of the Arch-Missionary of two millenia ago.


Arch-Missionary Vargas Lin, a member of the famous Lin Rogue Trader Dynasty, took a different direction in his life. He took the Rogue Trader’s proclivity for travel to the fringes of civilized space and turned it to the service of the Emperor as a missionary to lost or misguided cultures.

Lin was one of the first missionaries to preach in the newly-absorbed Licenian Republic after the Angevin Crusade. His tireless efforts brought the majority of the populace into the Imperial Creed. His biggest challenge, however, was the distant monastery-world of Tria, where the old Licenian religion still flourished, and where mystics and heretics of all stripes had the isolation and freedom to fester.

Lin created a university on Tria dedicated to the Imperial Creed and the right and proper worship of the god-Emperor of Mankind, an institution that survives to this day with surprisingly little doctrinal corruption.

Arch-Missionary Vargas Lin

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