Argent the Coherent

Tech-Priest of the Order of Coherent Light, Tria, Licenian Subsector


Argent is, in many respects, a typical-looking member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, wearing deep red robes covering complex biomechanical implants. He seems to communicate with his fellows via some form of silent electronic communication, and was confused when adherents of the Machine God from the Imperium couldn’t hear him.


Argent of the Order of Coherent Light is a Tech-Priest in the palace of the planetary governor of Tria in the Licenian Regency. His order studies photonic technology, including advanced las weaponry and hololithic displays. Although he and others of of the Licenian Tech-Priesthood seem to have retained much of their orthodoxy, they have certain… quirks of doctrine, and seem to have pushed some areas of sacred technology in different directions from the norm.

Argent the Coherent

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