Battle Brother Jonathan

Battle Brother of the Iron Templars


Jonathan is a space marine. As a genetically modified son of the Emperor, he is about 7 feet tall, and solid muscle. He has gray eyes and short-cropped brown hair. He has no visible scars. When not dressed in his steel-gray power armour decorated with the black cross of his order, he wears simple gray robes.


Jonathan is a battle brother of the Iron Templars Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. He has never known anything other than the harsh, monastic existence of the icy planet of Catechism. He was born during the seven hundred years of vigilance that the remnants of his Chapter have maintained on Catechism since the majority of the Chapter, along with the rest of the Licenian Crusade, pushed deeper into the warp storms. Only the genetic secrets of the Adeptus Astartes Tech Marines have kept the small population of Catechism viable, let alone strong enough to breed new battle brothers. Jonathan is looking forward to a chance to test his long-honed skills in real battle, unlike his father, and his father’s father, whose lives were spent in vigilant waiting.

Battle Brother Jonathan

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