Callista Flamel

Lady of the Flamel Dynasty, Bearer of a Warrant of Trade


The Lady Callista Flamel looks much younger than her years. Whether due to clean living or extraordinarily expensive medical treatments, she still appears to be a fit and healthy 30 rather than the 50-60 that she really is. All that expense has served to preserve her personal beauty, which she is unashamed to use as an asset in negotiations. She commonly dresses in finery typical of Rogue Traders and has a power-rapier of exquisite craftsmanship that she wears constantly at her side.


The Flamel Dynasty have been rivals of the Aguirre Dynasty ever since the Angevin Crusade when both groups competed for opportunity and profit throughout what later became the Calixis, Scarus, and Ixaniad sectors. Their respective fortunes have waxed and waned. Currently, Flamel is ascendant while Aguirre struggles to make ends meet.

Lady Callista Flamel is nothing if not gracious in her superior position… not that it stops her from taking every conceivable advantage to crush her rivals.

Callista Flamel

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