Choir-Master Telepathica Orlen Ilex

Choir-Master of the Sovereign of the Void


Orlen Ilex is an elderly Astropath. He often covers the burnt-out shells of his eye sockets with a silk cloth, but sometimes forgets. He actually seems to need the ceremonial metal staff that most Astropaths bear… not so much for navigation as for support.


Orlen Ilex served as a dutiful member of the Choir aboard the Sovereign of the Void for many years. He had no notable ambition to ascend to Choir-Master, but was thrust into the position by the death or insanity of most of the rest of the choir during the Sovereign’s last, fateful voyage. His own sanity was also rattled, and he still struggles to sweep away the cobwebs that have crept into his mind. He relies heavily on young Darrius, an Astropath that Orlen knew when Darrius was still a child many years ago.

Choir-Master Telepathica Orlen Ilex

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