Commodore Tyrian

Commodore, Task Force Litany, Battlefleet Ixaniad, Imperial Navy


Commodore Tyrian is a bluff man of middle-years. He wears his bionic-replacement limbs and other scars with pride. He is a no-nonsense sort of officer.


Lord-Commodore Tyrian rose through the common ranks, achieving his lofty title the old-fashioned way: earning it in combat. As a result, his leadership style tends to be “man of the people” rather than “inherent superior” or “threat of force.” He is widely respected by the officers under his command. Tyrian is one of a handful on the short-list for the rank of Rear Admiral. He and his flagship, the antique Grand Cruiser “Malignant”, have been sent as the navy’s first response to the opening of the Licenian subsector.

Tyrian is currently engaged in securing the space around Port Echo to monitor all ship traffic to and from the Licenian subsector… or at least those ships who don’t bypass Port Echo entirely. His task force is also loaded with Imperial Guardsmen and battle sisters of the Adeptus Sororitas just in case a military response to the subsector is required before larger forces can assemble.

Commodore Tyrian

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