Darius Starbourne

"Caretaker" of the Starbourne Dynasty


Darius Starbourne dresses in all the formal finery of any Rogue Trader. His heavily-scarred face sports a cybernetic eye replacement, and he carries the traditional power-sword of a Rogue Trader Lord-Captain.


Darius Starbourne has ruled the Starbourne Dynasty for decades, acting in all ways like the legitimate bearer of the Warrant of Trade. The fact that his Dynasty’s succession has been in legal limbo for seven hundred years gnaws at him. Once the warp storms surrounding the Licenian subsector subsided, he gathered as much assembled military might as his dynasty could bring to bear to invade the subsector with the sole aim of resolving the matter with any would-be “true” heirs of the Dynasty as may be found.

He confronted Nicolas Starbourne at Starbourne’s world where his attack was rebuffed, destroying or crippling many of his ships. Darius fled, his whereabouts currently in doubt, hunted by the Licenian Regency’s High Admiral Silas Starbourne and all his resources.

Darius Starbourne

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