Drivesmaster Richten

Drivesmaster, The Sovereign of the Void


Richten is extremely mechanized even by the standards of the Cult Mechanicus. No visible human flesh can be seen within his red cloak. Clusters of asymmetrical lights peer from the darkness of his hood and mechadendrites of all sorts sprout where his arms should be. He glides with the faint sound of servo-motors. His voice is a smooth baritone, although clearly artificially generated by an excellent-quality vox-caster. He claims to have achieved the Rite of Pure Thought.


Nobody really knows how old Richten is. He is certainly old enough to have replaced the vast majority of his flesh with extremely high-quality biomechanical parts. His knowledge is unquestioned for only specialists in archaeotech can be trusted to keep the plasma drives of void-ships in good repair. Richten has a hound bred for him by Tobiah Ling. He claims the dog’s sense of smell is invaluable in his work… with the proper training and cybernetic augmentation.

Drivesmaster Richten

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