Enginseer Prime Graylock

Enginseer Prime of the Sovereign of the Void


For those few outside the Adeptus Mechanicus permitted to see Enginseer Prime Graylock in the “flesh,” she appears to be a husk of a woman, a vaguely humanoid shape under layers of concealing tatters, with only two gray-skinned, bony hands emerging to indicate any last shred of humanity. Tubes and wires tremble in the inhuman undulations of whatever lies beneath the tatters and from within the darkness of the hood no sound or glimmer of movement can be seen. Graylock communicates, here and elsewhere throughout the ship, via hololithic displays and vox-systems, projecting the image of a serene, noble-featured woman with jet black hair, high cheekbones, and a certain austere beauty. Whether or not she ever looked like that, none now can say.


Graylock has been Enginseer Prime of the Sovereign of the Void for the past sixteen years. She rose to the rank from Omnimessianic Congregator where her function was to organize and represent the servants of the Machine God. Despite her newfound responsibilities for the health of the machine spirits of the entire ship, she continues to take an interest in her flock with whom she communicates using her extensive distributed system of hololithic displays of vox-casters.

Upon ascending to her position, Graylock took the unprecedented step of permanently installing herself into the primary cogitator-systems of the ship. She has not moved from her creche in sixteen years, although she directs a veritable army of servitors and other mechanisms remotely. To those who know the dark secret festering at the heart of the Sovereign, she explains her radical position as necessary, pitting her own spirit against that which seeks to corrupt the ship’s machine-soul by literally merging herself with the ship.

Enginseer Prime Graylock

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