Eryx Vasili Soteris

Navigator, The Sovereign of the Void


Eryx looks remarkably normal for a Navigator with no discernible physical mutations… anyone within ten paces of him, however, develops a strange and persistent tinnitis that leaves them on-edge…


Eryx Soteris is a young man who came aboard with his young wife Prateeri Alvontan. Eryx is the oldest son of the cousin to Navigator Primaris Demetria Soteris. Eryx has passed all the necessary rites of House Soteris and is Demetria’s second in matters of Navigation aboard the vessel. Eryx and his wife were an arranged marriage and aren’t really all that fond of each other. As such, they’re trying to do their duty and get to having kids so they can choose their own paths.

Eryx Vasili Soteris

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