Francesco de Liire y Corazon Aguirre

Former Master of the Dynasty Aguirre


Francesco de Liire was a powerful man with penetrating eyes, a noble bearing, and a demeanor bespeaking a man bred to command. He was fearful to behold in the height of his power, a far cry from the broken man, kept barely alive by machines, that limped back to the Ixaniad sector after a punishing yet mysterious final voyage.


Francesco de Liire y Corazon Aguirre was the favored child of his father, a child of dynasty, born and bred to lead his Rogue Trader empire and bring about its renaissance.

Dynasty Aguirre was once vast and powerful. A series of setbacks and disasters brought it low, but under Francesco’s father, and under Francesco himself, the Dynasty was beginning to recover. Many were the rumours and jealous whispers that the de Liire branch of the family had forsaken the Emperor in their zeal for profit. It was widely said that Dynasty Aguirre was well-entrenched in the “Cold Trade”, the illegal black market in Xenos technology and artifacts. None of these rumours stuck to Francesco, who responded to any such intimations with a magisterial sneer followed often by an assassin’s knife in the dark to any who would utter such things in his hearing.

Francesco left his four sons and two grandsons on the planet of Nido de Halcyon, having invested a vast sum in a single, potentially extremely profitable expedition. Whatever horrors occurred, he and his ship limped back home, both broken and near death. While the ship underwent repairs, Francesco worsened. His six heirs died, one by one, under mysterious circumstances before, near death, Francesco summoned his great-nephew, Roland de Carvajal, from his military service to take up the Lord-Captain’s throne.

Francesco then died.

Francesco de Liire y Corazon Aguirre

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