Hans Steendahl

Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos


Hans Steendahl is a shorter-than-average man in well-made charcoal-gray robes. He always wears gloves. He has extremely advanced cybernetic eye implants that appear to provide HUD information in luminescent blue characters. On some occasions he is enfolded in a field of tiny, dancing, blue motes of light that serve some unknown purpose.


Inquisitor Steendahl has fought the Xenos threat in the Ixaniad and Scarus sectors for decades now. Although the Ork menace has been significant in the Scarus sector, he has left them to other Inquisitors preferring instead to focus on more… subtle and cunning threats.

Inquisitor Steendahl sent Svenya to infiltrate the Aguirre Dynasty because his spies reported the xeno-artifact purchased by Francesco de Liire, and initial reports indicated it might be Yu’vath technology. The Yu’vath were a big deal in the Ixaniad sector prior to the Angevin Crusade. They were slavers who used mysterious warp-fueled technology. Ordinarily Svenya would have confirmed the tech’s existence, and then would have either destroyed the ship or found some way to destroy the tech. Once his reports went back, however, it became clear to Inquisitor Steendahl that this wasn’t Yu’vath… it was something else.

Over the last fifteen years, Svenya has been reporting to Steendahl, a fact that has only recently come to light. Steendahl has used the Sovereign of the Void’s unique capabilities to enter an isolated webway outpost of the Children of Thorns seeking knowledge clearly understood only by him.

Hans Steendahl

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