Planetary Telepath, Tria, Licenian Regency


Lavin is a young-ish looking man, lean, with odd eyes. His personality is oddly light, casual and flippant even when discussing the most soul-shattering truths.


Lavin is one of the rare few born with psychic potential in Licenian subsector who survived the brutal testing of the Regency government. Living in a segment of space wrapped in warp storms makes the danger of being a psyker all the more acute, and the Regent and his government seek to ensure that no psyker permitted to live in service to the Regency has any flaw in their iron control.

Lavin is fairly powerful, therefore, despite his young age. He possesses a powerful enough telepathy that he can broadcast messages to other worlds in the subsector without being soul-bound to the Emperor. He also has enough divinatory powers that he has seen portents of the doom that comes from the Birth Stars.


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