Magos Galenus

Magos Genetor, Adeptus Mechanicus, Sovereign of the Void


Magos Galenus, for those rare few who have seen him, is a mutant of disturbing beauty and horror. He has multi-faceted eyes with nictating membranes, a pair of extra, smaller arms tucked up against his chest with nimble, extra-jointed fingers for fine surgery work. His voice is a sibilant harmony of multiple voices. He has altered his own genetic code to the point where he no longer even remotely resembles a human. He claims to be at least eight hundred years old. It is entirely probable that he is insane.


Magos Galenus is the highest-ranking Tech Priest aboard the Sovereign of the Void, and few on the ship even know he exists. He is high-ranking enough that he is permitted to spend nearly all of his time in pure research, esconced in his private laboratory in the depths of the ship. All practical matters are delegated to the Enginseer Prime while he focuses on plumbing the secrets of genetics.

Magos Galenus

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