Psyker-Prophet of the Sky Father


Marduk appears to be a grizzled, older man with piercing eyes and a palpable aura of the unnatural as his untrained psychic powers bleed energy constantly into his surroundings. He wears a faded red Adeptus Mechanicus robe and bears a staff of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, although he is clearly of neither organization.


Marduk was the High Priest of the Sky Father upon the isolated planet known to fragmented records as the “Throne of the Sky Father.” He and his psyker acolytes kept the faint threads of culture, history, and civilization alive amidst the savage tribes of that world, preaching that someday the Herald of the Sky Father would arrive to judge them, taking the worthy into the sky, and permitting the unworthy to die at the hands of the Harbinger of the Sky Father who would arrive shortly thereafter.

His prophecies proved oddly accurate. Roland Carvajal arrived a week in advance of a space hulk, hurtling on a collision course with the planet. Roland and his party not only neutralized the radiant shroud of energy that isolated the population, but also managed to evacuate those who converted to the rightful faith of the Emperor before the hulk could collide with the planet.

Marduk is now kept in “meditative isolation” aboard the Sovereign of the Void while his rescuers decide to do with him.


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