Psykana Primaris of the Licenian Regency, Councilor on the Regency Council


Markov is a tall, thin man with white hair. He bleeds a palpable aura of psychic power. He has a calm manner of speaking, even in extreme circumstances, and seems like a reasonable sort.


Markov was the head of the Licenian Regency’s “Ordo Psykana”, the organization sanctioned by the Regent to thoroughly train nascent psykers in the Regency. When one lives engulfed in warp storms, any psyker is a danger, and the training to survive as a member of the Ordo Psykana was extreme. Markov was the most extreme, strongest-willed, and theoretically most powerful psyker in the Regency. It fell to him to keep the Regent’s stasis vault warded against daemonic intrusion.

When a chaos cult called the Starry Order revealed itself to have infiltrated the highest levels of the military and the secret police, it fell to Markov to prevent them from successfully summoning their patron power, the King in Rags and Tatters, into the world through the Regent. The only option he had, as the stasis vault failed and the throne room came under attack was to attempt to bind the entity into the Regent’s flesh. This he did, albeit at the cost of four of his fellow psykers. Now he and his daemonhost ward have been handed to the Ordo Malleus of the Inquisition.


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