Melaine Jacinda

Deceased Lord-Captain's Housekeeper, The Sovereign of the Void


Melaine was in her early thirties and quite beautiful.


Melaine Jacinda supervised all of the house cleaning staff. Melaine had received special treatment from Francesco de Liire y Corazon Aguirre due to a presumed sexual relationship with him. After Francesco de Liire y Corazon Aguirre died, she became dependent on Svenya for her position.

During a trip through the dangerous warp of the Licenian subsector, there was a Gellar field fluctuation and Melaine became possessed by a Daemonette of Slaanesh. She sought to use her wiles to entrap Svenya into defending her from his allies, but when that failed, she was rapidly cut down.

Melaine Jacinda

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