Nestor Larch

"Arch-Ecclesiarch" of the Licenian Regency


“Arch-Ecclesiarch” Larch is a middle-aged man going to fat. He no longer adequately fits in his formal, somewhat ostentatious robes of office. He talks a good talk of orthodox Imperial Creed, but thus far lacks the spark that would indicate a pure faith.


The “Arch-Ecclesiarch” of the Licenian Regency was once a powerful and influential position. The orthodox priests of the Regency were charged with the spiritual safety of the Regent as he cast his mind forth into the Warp to guide their ships home. Supplanted about a hundred years ago by the small but potent Ordo Psykana, the Arch-Ecclesiarchy has been a lofty title in exile upon the monastery-world of Tria.

Larch sees the arrival of the Imperial Missionary Via de Oros as his ticket to relevance once more and has offered his knowledge and secrets to her, and to the Ecclesiarchy she serves.

Nestor Larch

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