Nicolas Starbourne

Captain of the Starbourne's Star, Flagship of High Admiral Silas Starbourne, Licenian Regency


Lord-Captain Nicolas Starbourne appears in his 30’s. He has the straight posture of military discipline and has the military’s brusque manner.


Lord-Captain Nicolas Starbourne was in charge of the defenses of Starbourne’s world when Darius Starbourne attacked. Nicolas defended himself admirably, destroying most of Darius’ vessels and driving the attacker away, not before the Promethium refinery was mostly destroyed however.

In High Admiral Silas Starbourne’s bid for defection from the Licenian Regency to the Imperium, he plans to grant the ancient Warrant of Trade held by his ancestors to Nicolas so that his son can forge a new destiny as the head of a Rogue Trader house. This will require, of course, dealing with once and for all with Darius.

Nicolas Starbourne

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