Julius Zora, The Consul

Head of the Rebellion in the Licenian Subsector


The Consul appeared as a massive man, standing nearly nine feet tall and built like a space marine. He radiated a palpable aura of power and claimed to be immortal. The only word that could be used to describe him had been “Primarch.”

All of that was an elaborate illusion.

The Consul is a man of average height, nondescript, and utterly, absolutely, psychically blank. Unlike the legendary Untouchables, however, his presence does not appear to inhibit psychic abilities, nor does he generate unease in those who behold him. His is apparently an ordinary (albeit immortal and unnaturally intelligent) man who happens to be utterly without psychic presence. His Praetorians called him a “Knight of the Long Watch.”


The Consul was “born” as the storms engulfed the Licenian subsector. Apparently his birth consisted of releasing an infant from a long-sustained stasis vault. He was raised by the Zora family of Vitruvia as their own. He was a young adult by age six, and by age twelve had surpassed the available learning that even his wealthy and connected family could procure for him. By this time, the Regent was firmly in control of the subsector, and his tyrannies had just begun. Julius Zora became the head of a guerilla rebellion, absorbing the shattered remnants of the Licenian Heresy. He was “elected” by the acclaim of his rag-tag rebel force as the “Consul of the Republic,” an ancient title from before the coming of the Imperium in the Angevin Crusade.

For the last seven centuries, he has led his alliance of former Iron Templars, Eldar, and common Licenian citizens in a rebellion against the overwhelming military might of the Regent.

Julius Zora, The Consul

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