Michael Zorin, a.k.a. The Sparrow

Mysterious Underworld Contact turned Personal Butler to Lord Captain Roland


Michael Zorin has a surprisingly young-looking face despite having lived a relatively hard life on Port Echo. He still occasionally trembles with nerves.


The Sparrow was one of Uncle Svenya’s mysterious underworld connections on Port Echo. He was contacted there in hiding from the Children of Thorns. After giving Svenya information on the activities of these aliens, as well as the movements of the Inquisition, Svenya extracted him and brought him aboard the Sovereign of the Void where he now serves under the name “Michael Zorin” amidst the Lord-Captain’s servants.

When Rab Piran was possessed and subsequently slain, Uncle Svenya promoted “Michael” to the position of personal butler to the Lord-Captain.

Michael Zorin, a.k.a. The Sparrow

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