The Forgehammer

Repulsive-Class Grand Cruiser


The Forgehammer is a former Adeptus Astartes Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser carrier. It was sold to Dynasty Aguirre in exchange for the Sovereign of the Void by “the Consul” who needed a human-looking vessel that could navigate the Eldar webway.

Essential Components:

  • Saturnine-Pattern Class 5 Plasma Drives (Good quality)
  • Miloslav H-616.b Warp Engine (Good quality)
  • Triple Void Shield Array
  • Deep Void Augur Array
  • Vitae Pattern Life Sustainers (Good quality)
  • Clan-Kin Quarters
  • Fleet Flag Bridge
  • Emergency Gellar Field

Supplemental Components:

  • Pilot’s Chambers
  • Small Craft Repair Bays
  • Defensive Countermeasures
  • Compartmentalized Cargo Hold
  • Melodium
  • Laboratarium
  • Warp Sextant
  • Murder Servitors
  • Teleportarium
  • Temple Shrine of the God Emperor
  • Arboretum
  • Crew Reclamation Facility
  • x6 Starfighter Squadrons
  • x2 Bomber Squadrons
  • x2 Assault Boat Squadrons
  • x2 Support Craft Squadrons

Weapon System Components:

  • Mars-Pattern Nova Cannon (Good quality)
  • x2 Hecutor-Pattern Plasma Broadsides (Good quality)
  • Godsbane Lance Battery (Good quality)
  • x2 Jovian-Class Launch Bays (Good Quality)

The Forgehammer

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