Tag: Task Force Litany


  • Commodore Tyrian

    Lord-Commodore Tyrian rose through the common ranks, achieving his lofty title the old-fashioned way: earning it in combat. As a result, his leadership style tends to be "man of the people" rather than "inherent superior" or "threat of force." He is …

  • Lady-Captain Antigone

    Lady-Captain Antigone is a moderately competent officer who is generally assumed to be less-competent than she is on account of her appearance and her noble commission. She attained her rank thanks to family connections and has never had to prove herself …

  • Lieutenant Rickard

    Rickard is a young officer in Task Force Litany given the daunting task of being the official naval diplomat to the seemingly immortal psyker known as the Consul, aboard his Eldar flagship. Yes, it sounds pretty weird to him as well.

  • Lieutenant Mina

    Mina's past remains a mystery, for the Rogue Traders who delivered her to her fate never thought to ask. They left her, along with a small entourage, in the care of the planetary governor of Tria to be delivered to Licenia where she was to open …