Character Creation

Character Creation shall be a collaborative affair. Players and GM will all assemble to discuss their Rogue Trader company, their respective roles, and help determine the size and power of their ship and their finances as a group.

The GM shall gladly generate game mechanics from a player’s concept for those who are uninterested in poring over the weighty tomes of rules.

All characters shall be built accordingly:

  • Characters from the Rogue Trader book are created as per that book. Character options from “Into the Storm,” the Player’s Guide, are permitted (except for Kroot and Orks). Such characters have 500 discretionary points to spend. Here is a list of Careers.
  • All characters use the “allocating points” option on p. 14 of the Rogue Trader book.
  • Missionaries may use the Faith Trait system from “Blood of Martyrs.” Add the following entry to each Missionary rank:
    • Faith Talent – 400 – Prerequisite: Pure Faith – May be taken up to two times at Rank 1 and once every rank thereafter

Character Creation

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