New Rules

Alternate Career Ranks:
Here are some custom alternate career ranks:

The “Ascension” supplement for Dark Heresy includes a number of rules that reflect more powerful characters. While many of those rules are still beyond the scope of the current PC’s, some of them may become applicable at some point.

Mastered Skills:
Mastered Skills are “meta” skills that apply the same +20 bonus to a related collection of sub-skills, and are intended to make character-sheet book-keeping easier while providing some extra bonuses. While “Mastered Skills” are typically things that particularly powerful individuals can buy on their career path, one can technically gain them for free by mastering all the sub-skills individually. Therefore, I will list the various Mastered Skill groupings here. If any character should get the +20 bonus on every skill in a group, you automatically replace all those skills with the appropriate Mastery. If this should happen, see me for further details.

  • Athletic Mastery: Acrobatics, Climb, Contortionist, Dodge, Swim
  • Commerce Mastery: Barter, Commerce, Evaluate, Trade (Merchant)
  • Common Lore Mastery: Common Lore (all skill groups)
  • Cryptological Mastery: Ciphers (all skill groups), Secret Tongue (all skill groups)
  • Decadent Mastery: Carouse, Gamble, Performer (all skill groups)
  • Charismatic Mastery: Blather, Charm, Command
  • Driving Mastery: Driving (all skill groups)
  • Fieldcraft Mastery: Navigation (Surface), Survival, Tracking, Wrangling
  • Forbidden Lore Mastery: Forbidden Lore (all skill groups)
  • Investigation Mastery: Inquiry, Interrogation, Intimidate
  • Linguistic Mastery: Lip Reading, Literacy, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Ship Dialect, Tribal Dialect)
  • Observation Mastery: Awareness, Scrutiny, Search
  • Piloting Mastery: Pilot (all skill groups), Navigation (Stellar)
  • Scholastic Mastery: Logic, Scholastic Lore (all skill groups)
  • Shadow Craft Mastery: Deceive, Disguise, Security, Slight of Hand
  • Stealth Mastery: Concealment, Silent Move, Shadowing
  • Tech Lore Mastery: Chem-Use, Demolition, Medicae, Tech Use
  • Warp Lore Mastery: Forbidden Lore (Warp), Invocation, Psyniscience

There are similar rules for “Paragon Talents” which reflect someone who has collected a related grouping of Talents. That list is a bit too comprehensive to list here, however. Feel free to consult my Ascension book for details. Many Paragon Talents are well within reach of current PC’s in the course of the next rank or two, and provide some additional benefits.

New Rules

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