The Licenian Crusade

A Rogue Trader Campaign

Begin Transmission – ZETA LEVEL
Origin: Simon Quintus – Senior Scribe – Sanctum Administratum
Recipient: Lord Sector Tyrolius Malus
Thought for the Day: “An Open Mind is an Undefended Fortress”

Greetings My Lord,

Enclosed is the results of the past two months archival research. The Administratum of the Ixaniad sector had not yet fully settled in the near aftermath of the Angevin Crusade and so many records were misfiled, lost or merely destroyed over the subsequent seven centuries. There were few direct references to the Licenian Crusade although indirect references could be discovered in the daily military requisition orders. Clearly a significant degree of military might was gathered by your distant predecessor, sent forth into the void, and disappeared.

It is perhaps not surprising that this aforementioned predecessor sought to obscure and muddle any official records on the matter. One does not gladly lose an entire Imperial Guard legion along with its naval Battle Group let alone a full Chapter of His Holiness’s Adeptus Astartes. Those few Iron Templars who remained on their homeworld were rapidly absorbed into their parent Chapter, and most references to them are as obscure as the Licenian Heresy.

With the unexpected lull in the warp storms that have cut off the Licenian sub-sector for the past seven centuries, I do sincerely hope that the Heresy has long since died out. If not, I fear their obscurity to the citizens of our Sector will not last for long.

Service is Prayer,

Simon Quintus, Senior Scribe, Sanctum Administrarum, Ichabarr, Ixaniad Sector

- End Transmission -

The Licenian Crusade

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