Lazar Starling

Lord-Captain of the Starling Dynasty


Lord-Captain Lazar Starling is an intense-eyed man of moderately handsome features and an almost palpable drive to improve his fortunes and the fortunes of his Dynasty. He eschews the ostentatious dress of other Rogue Traders, preferring nondescript if well-made attire.


Starling is an old and storied dynasty that has almost ceased to exist. Their fortunes were so low, their creditors so numerous, that most other Rogue Traders have assumed that the dynasty went bankrupt years ago.

The Starling Dynasty is experiencing a new lease on life thanks to a close alliance with a wealthy organization known as the Amaranthine Syndicate, a wealthy if secretive group of Chartist Captains, black-market traders and pirates. The Amaranthine Syndicate has no moral scruples about where and how it makes a profit, and they are looking to expand their reach and profits through alliances with Rogue Trader houses.

Lazar Starling

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