Steihr Mandis

Master-of-Arms, The Sovereign of the Void


Steihr Mandus is a large man standing over 6’ tall and powerfully built. His face is scarred and weathered, speaking to years of harsh environments and brutal conflict. His hair is cropped short and he is never seen without his well-worn carapace enforcer armor. He is generally unpleasant to deal with but his ability in a bloody conflict is without question. His trademark weapon is a Xenos power thorn that he recovered during a legendary assault that occurred against the Sovereign of the Void. He is often seen in the company of Uncle Svenya on board the ship, and always accompanies the Lord Captain when business is conducted away from the ship.


Steihr’s past is obviously one of violence and hardship. Rumors tell of his past involvement with the Blood Angels Space Marine chapter as a failed aspirant, and that this is the reason for an apparent deathwish during battle. He has been a loyal crew member of the Sovereign of the Void for nearly a decade and has seemingly found a new purpose that has calmed his rage.

Steihr Mandis

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