Uncle Svenya

A disnguished looking man whose age is difficult to tell. Most place him in his late 30s but it is well known that he has been on the Sovereign of the Void for 15 years now. Uncle Svenya has served as Master of Servants for the duration of this time.


Average height and slight of build, Uncle Svenya is always well dressed with a neatly trimmed goatee of salt and pepper color. In a flowing cloak he strides the ship never to be found without his bolt pistol and power sword on his side. Few can report to ever seeing him use either, but he is likely to never have to on the ship. He is a man who is both feared and respected. The crew knows that is there is a problem to solve Uncle Svenya will either solve the problem or make the “problem” disappear.
To listen to the talk on the ship, Uncle Svenya is credited with saving the ship from near disaster. With a dying captain and most of the navigators murdered by filthy Xenos, it is said that Uncle Svenya risked himself to rescue the last living navigator to return the ship to normal space and limp it back to port. Many of the ship’s crew, when saying their prayers to the Emperor, thank him for Uncle Svenya and his loyalty to the dynasty.
It is frequently wondered why Uncle Svenya chooses to remain only the Master of Servants. Most believe that he is comfortable with the simple things in life, but it is rumored in some places of the ship that he is more than the position. There is little debate that he has his finger on the pulse of the ship. His random appearances have, at times, quelled an ungrateful uprising before it has begun.


There is very little known about where Uncle Svenya comes from. Most call him Uncle but it is unlikely that he is actually related to anyone on the ship. With a piece of candy for the children and a smile for the parents, Uncle is welcome anywhere on the ship. He moves on the ship as if born to it, but on close examination it becomes clear that he is likely from noble birth.

Uncle Svenya

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