The Licenian Crusade

The Fall of Vallenti

Neumos / Craftworld Aletheia

(700 + GE)
(all present)

Personal Cipher Engaged

Subject: Inquisitorial Strife
Cipher-Lock: Sister Minerva de Liire – Ordo Famulous
Thought for the Day: “Hubris Can Topple Even the Mighty”

We transported Interrogator Astrid Flamel back to Neumos while Svenya held her terrifyingly powerful daemon weapon in custody. En route, we fell afoul of a warp miasma that infected our crew with bloodthirstiness. Sadly, Missionary Tyrian also fell prey and had to be subdued by Steihr, Svenya, and Darrius while Cousin Roland rallied the crew to stand firm against the urge to slaughter their fellows. He was quite successful. We lost only about 6,000 crewmen by the time we emerged from the warp.

We arrived in the Neumos system and invited Inquisitor Distaff aboard to discuss what must be done. We released Markov from the stasis vault in which he had been imprisoned and apprised him of the situation. Distaff promised that his talents would be evaluated by a council of inquisitors rather than just one, going forward. As we spoke, Darrius detected the transmission of astro-telepathy from our ship. Apparently one of Astrid Flamel’s astropaths had a heightened metabolism and had not, in fact, been sedated, just biding his time. As a loyal servant of the Imperium, he was apparently under the belief that he and his Interrogator had been kidnapped by enemies of the Imperium and sought to warn his employer, Inquisitor Vallenti. Svenya killed the astropath, but the damage was done.

Cousin Roland and his retainers, along with Distaff and Markov, jumped into a shuttle while we scrambled fighters. A single gunship was departing the moon-base toward Neumos, but the skills of our Navigator and Astropath determined it was a ruse. Steendahl’s ship, the Void Star, began maneuvering to fire on the moon base, while damage and explosions were detected within the facility itself. The Void Star also began broadcasting a powerful psychic signal to interfere with any attempts at astro-telepathy.

Cousin Roland opted for a boarding action on the Void Star. Svenya piloted them safely past the ship’s defenses and they boarded. They determined that the Void Star had been compromised, and that the captain, Steendahl’s Interrogator Marigold, had been somehow removed. This was an interesting challenge, as the entire ship seemed constructed to obey her unusual technological abilities.

They arrived on the bridge and found Inquisitor Vallenti and his Daemonhost, along with the bleeding and unconscious Marigold. On the way, Darrius ascertained that all but one of the ship’s navigators were dead (the one having been merely badly injured) and all the ship’s astropaths similarly killed.

The pair were expecting them. The daemonhost sent a swarm of razor-sharp shards of force toward Markov, presumably acting under orders to neutralize the man who could remove Vallenti’s control over the beast. Steihr pushed his way in front of the surprised psyker and took all the shards himself, a blow that I’m told gave the distinct impression of having killed him. Svenya rushed Vallenti while Cousin Roland did what he could to aid Markov in his own defense. Demetria and Darrius attempted to neutralize the daemonhost but limited effect. The Daemonhost ultimately seized control of Cousin Roland’s mind, forcing him to shoot his plasma pistol at Markov, fortunately to no avail.

While Svenya dueled Vallenti, Confessor Tyrian ran to Steihr’s aid. Much to her surprise, he got up from wounds that should have killed him and charged Vallenti utilizing strength and speed beyond what was human, cutting the Inquisitor nearly in half with a single blow, all while Markov desperately tried to take control of the daemonhost.

Markov ultimately succeeded, and Darrius, much to my immense relief, utilized his psychic powers to put Vallenti in a sort of bio-stasis, preserving his rapidly dwindling life. It would have been… politically and personally catastrophic if Inquisitor Vallenti had died at our hands. No Convocation of the Inquisition would be able to overlook a straight assassination of one of their own. We needed him alive to be taken back to the Solemn Hall to face the judgment of his peers.

While Confessor Tyrian and Inquisitor Distaff looked to the health of Marigold, Darrius and Svenya took Inquisitor Vallenti’s daemon-weapon into custody (giving us two…) and began assessing the situation.

While all of this occurred, I was quite busy aboard the Forgehammer. Vallenti’s ship, as well as Distaff’s ship, arrived from their patrols at speed, looking to defend their respective interests. I pulled every trick of diplomacy and subterfuge to keep them from interfering in the apparent fight between the Void Star and the moon base, enforcing my opinion with the implied threat of nova cannon fire. Ultimately, the psychic jammer was disabled, and communication restored between all parties. Steendahl and his agents aboard the moon-base had survived the bombardment, although the moon base was no longer a viable inquisitorial base of operations.

Distaff took Vallenti and the two daemon weapons into custody. Cousin Roland had a conversation with Interrogator Astrid, who ultimately agreed to take control of Vallenti’s ship and take over his role of guarding the Neumos system, alongside Inquisitor Steendahl. Distaff, Vallenti, the daemon-host, and the two daemon weapons would return to Ichabarr, along with one of Steendahl’s trusted agents, the noble Lind D’rien.

Before she left, Distaff made a point of upholding her end of the bargain. She revealed her leverage on Reginald D’rien, the new Imperial Governor of the Licenian Subsector, and ensured that the acquisition of the planet of Galer as a protectorate of the Aguirre family was secured.

We considered our next move, and Cousin Roland decided that it was time to convene our delayed summit with the Consul, the Eldar, and Inquisitor Steendahl. We set course for Craftworld Aletheia where once again we brought forth salvaged artifacts of their people in trade. This time, we gave them the items recovered from the Children of Thorns ship wrecked upon the Throne of the Sky Father.

Farseer Alros Uxor spoke to Cousin Roland at length about ancient history and ancient debts and obligations. He seems to believe that the Consul, reunited with Neumos, and under the watchful eye of the Inquisition, would be a great boon for the Imperium of Man. I remain unconvinced, but it is not my place to say one way or the other. We are waiting now for the arrival of the Consul and Steendahl to commence our summit.

Cipher Lock disengaged



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