Population: 1.5 billion
Tithe Grade: Exactus Majoris
Geography: Planet-wide overcontinent, mostly desert with rocky mountain ranges. Large swathes of the world remain uninhabitable and quarantined. Majority of the population centered in the Cathedral-Hive of Serena’s Rest.
Government Type: Ecclesiastical
Planetary Governor: Arch-Cardinal Doran
Adept Presence: Adeptus Ministorum (Cathedral of St. Serena), Adepta Sororitas (Temple-Shrines to all Ordos), Adeptus Astra Telepathica (Ochre Observatory)
Military: Sector-Temple-Primaris of the Adepta Sororitas, Headquarters of the Frateris Penitent
Trade: Entheo’s economy is overwhelmingly pilgrim-based, as flocks of the faithful come to walk in the sacred footsteps of Saint Serena and to worship at her Cathedral. The psychoactive crystals mined in highly-regulated mines are sold under strict Adeptus Astra Telepathic and Collegium Ixaniad regulation.

It was on this nameless, desert world where hardscrabble colonies of humans toiled in slavery to the enigmatic Yu’vath for millenia before the coming of the Angevin Crusade. The fighting on the surface of this wasteland world was vicious, losses among the Imperial Guard and the Adeptus Astartes were extreme. The Yu’vath’s mysterious warp-fueled technology was unusually potent due to the strange crystals mined beneath the sands.

Once the Inquisition learned of the properties of these unusual crystals, the Ordo Malleus sent a small contingent of Gray Knights in an attempt to inhibit or otherwise destroy the connection between the Yu’vath and the planet itself. The battle brothers called upon their unique and powerful faith and deployed their hexagrammatic wards, but to no avail.

That was when a lowly young woman, a conscript in an Imperial Guard company badly mauled by the alien Yu’vath and their human slaves, had a vision of the Emperor. In this theophany she saw a glorious vision, a crystal cathedral rising into the heavens, a divine beacon of the Emperor’s light. The Gray Knights felt this sudden, powerful faith surge through their wards and they rapidly re-deployed to refocus their efforts using the young woman as a lens. Through her faith and her power the warp-spawned connection between the Yu’vath and the planet’s unusual crystalline matrix was shattered, and the aliens were driven forth, the human populace freed.

The young woman was made into a living saint, and taking the name Serena, she was inducted into the Adeptus Sororitas where she served for another three decades in the Angevin crusade.

Mortally wounded on a distant world, her last request was to be interred on that lonely desert world, the place of her theophany, where she touched the mind of the Emperor. So devoted had her battle-sisters become to their Saint, and so inspiring was her story to the battle-weary brothers and sisters of the Imperial Guard, that they followed her request, transporting her body in a battleship with an honor guard of thousands. So grateful were the freed people of that world that they spent over 120 years constructing a massive cathedral out of the very crystals they had once mined for their alien masters to act as a tomb, a mausoleum of light.

The world of Entheo remains mostly desert, but a significant hive city and spaceport has grown up around the Cathedral of Saint Serena. Four centuries ago, the Ixaniad Sector’s Ecclesiarchy chose the Cathedral as their headquarters and the seat of the Arch-Cardinal. It is widely believed that the constant stream of faithful pilgrims literally lights the massive crystal edifice from within such that it shines like a beacon even in daylight.


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