Explorator Fleet Kappa Seven Survey Summary:

  • System Designation K7LSX132Y886Z003
  • Solar Type: Yellow Standard
  • Orbital Bodies: 1 Planetary Class
  • Orbital Body Designations:
    • XLS7601 “Neumos” – Composition and Geological Scan (Error 44512)
  • System Risk Designation: Minimal, Primitive Human Habitation
  • System Tech Level: Archaeotech ruins
  • System Priority Assessment: Primary

System Summary:
The planet known to the natives as Neumos was encountered by Probe Expedition Gamma, an offshoot of the main body of Explorator Fleet Kappa Seven, based on fragmentary and enigmatic records in some of the oldest archives of Licenia. Neumos is almost perfectly spherical. It spins with an axial tilt of 23.5 degrees, making one rotation per 24 Terran Standard Hours. Its orbit around its yellow sun is exactly 364.25 Terran Standard Days. It is the only planet in the system. The surface of the planet is mostly water with large, clustered continents with a balmy, temperate climate turning to small ice caps at the poles. The surface is dominated by massive ruins of a long-dead human civilization. The ruins span entire subcontinents in cities thousands of kilometers across.

The planet is inhabited by humans of a primitive, nomadic sort. They hunt vast herds of pastoral beasts and gather the plentiful wild fruits and grains. Brief contact revealed a fairly peaceful society with a mixture of primitive beliefs and superstitions, chief of which is that they never enter the vast ruins.

Probe Expedition Gamma left a study team and returned to Explorator Fleet Kappa Seven for the trip to the Birth Stars.

Arch-Missionary Vargas Lin’s Records:
In deep and secret archives in Hive Primaris of Licinia references to the “Birth World” and the oddly specific astronomical coordinates give rise to the suspicion that the Licinian Republic originated on Neumos. The Republic’s oldest religious records speak of a great disaster on the “Birth World” that gave rise to a great Exodus on vast stellar ships that took a generation to arrive at the worlds of the Republic. At speeds of .87C, it would indeed take about 35 years of ship-subjective time for large colony ships to arrive at Licinia from Neumos. Lin made a scouting journey to Neumos, but most of the records of what he discovered there were decayed. Fragments and snippets of data indicate that he worked mostly with the hunter-gatherer peoples and didn’t exert too much effort on the massive ruins.

Current Data:
Neumos is an artificial planet, constructed with immense and mysterious power in the Dark Age of Technology as a paradise. Vast psycho-active mechanisms within the planet once bound every mind of every inhabitant, seeing to their every need, archiving their memories, their lives, long after they died. The arrival of Eldar refugees in the distant past tainted the world-mind, a tiny flaw, a burr, that slowly grew over the millenia until the world-mind broke and went insane, a cataclysm that drove most of the inhabitants to flee in vast ships, presumably to found the Licenian Republic in the ancient past. The remaining human inhabitants have become primitive herders, eschewing the vast hive-ruins out of superstitious dread of the “Iron Emperor,” their name for the dark god that is the mad mind of the planet. Only their shamans preserve stories alluding to this distant and mysterious past.


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