Nido de Halcyon

Population: 3 billion
Tithe Grade: Exactus Majoris
Geography: Planetary over-continent with dozens of small fresh-water seas and polar ice-caps. Three moons (Liire, Carvajal and Oros).
Government Type: Rogue Trader
Planetary Governor: Roland de Carvajal y Corazon Aguirre
Adept Presence: None
Military: Aguirre House Guard, planetary defense fleet
Trade: Nido de Halcyon is a significant exporter of agricultural products to the hive worlds of the Ixaniad sector. This forms the solid, steady income that permits House Aguirre to engage in more… high risk endeavors.

The world of Nido de Halcyon is a lush, agricultural world and the center of power of the Aguirre Rogue Trader dynasty. Nearly a millenium ago, the world was a hostile jungle death-world filled with ravenous plant life. Its three moons, however, became strategic naval stations during the Angevin Crusade that forged the Calixis, Scarus, and Ixaniad sectors. The first Lord-Sector Ixaniad awarded the planet and all three of its moons to the Aguirre Dynasty for the vital services of its fleet during the Crusade. Some thought it a poor gift, but Rolando de Halcyon y Corazon Aguirre, the Master of the Dynasty, recognized the world’s vital strategic position as a trade hub within the Ixaniad sector. A few decades of aggressive taming efforts eliminated the hostile flora and soon the world became a bountiful agri-world which took the name of the Halcyon branch of the family, now extinct.

Nido de Halcyon has three moons, each of which contains sprawling estates dedicated to the various family branches of the Aguirre Dynasty. The moons act as waystations for the constant ebb and flow of fat merchant traders and Imperial transports who cart agricultural products away to the thriving hive worlds of the Ixaniad sector while bringing in much-needed industrial goods.

  • Liire: The moon of Liire is the closest and largest. It is rocky, rich with mineral wealth, with vast mansions carved into the side of majestic mountain ranges.
  • Carvajal: The moon of Carvajal is smaller, with a lighter gravity and thinner atmosphere. The estates on Carvajal are contained within vast greenhouse domes that contain fields, forests, and homes at a pleasant temperature while the rocky moon without shivers in a perpetual chill.
  • Oros: The moon of Oros is the smallest, with no appreciable atmosphere. The estates and holdings of Oros are all subterranean except for dramatic spires of adamantine that jut into the black void, serving as docks for ships. Oros is the center of the Dynasty’s mercantile bureaucracy, where the business of the Dynasty is calculated and executed.

Nido de Halcyon

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